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Flexible, Etched-Foil Heaters

Thermal Circuits, Inc. proudly announces its registration to ISO 13485:2003

ISO 13485:2003 represents the requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

Flexible Heaters – Custom Materials
Flexible heaters from Thermal Circuits offer many benefits including custom watt densities, thin profiles, ease of placement and low thermal mass. They are easy to apply and provide a higher heat output.
View High-Temperature Mica Heaters | Mylar® Film Heaters | Infrared Panel Emitters | Vinyl Heaters | NeoNylon® Heaters | Teflon® Heaters | EPDM Rubber Heaters | Ceramic Heaters | Polyester Heaters | Nomex® Heaters | Fiberglass Cloth Heaters

Kapton® and Other Polyimide Heaters
These heaters offer many design features such as superior dielectric strength in very thin cross sections. Heaters can be installed with pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA), or factory bonded directly to heat sinks.
View Custom Kapton® Heaters | Polyimide Heaters | Heaters with Sensors | Heater Assemblies

Silicone and Other Rubber Heaters
Fabricated with two layers of fiberglass-reinforced silicone. These heaters have the ability to provide heat exactly where it is required, are rugged, and are moisture and chemically resistant. They are easily bonded to the parts to be heated.
View Silicone Rubber Heaters | EPDM Rubber Heaters

Industry Market Applications
View Personal Care and Kitchen Appliances | Cars, Automobiles, Trucks and SUVs | Avionics, Aerospace and Military | Electronics Industry | Food Services and Restaurants | Medical Devices and Sciences | Reprographics and Office Equipment | Semiconductors and Wafer Processing | Transportation


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Thermal Circuits is an application solver and services a wide variety of OEM heater applications for diverse industries worldwide. Throughout this website we refer to examples of opportunity solving that have met these objectives. The end products featured on these pages represent successful product applications in the diverse OEM industries. We offer this same commitment to you and your company.